Sunday, February 24, 2013


Ever had a Swedish Tart? Nonot a promiscuous Scandinavian, but an innovative cocktail using green tea Kombucha. I love the fact that tea, (my drink of choice), is so versatile and is making it's presence known in entrees, desserts, chocolates, and my current favorite: cocktails.

The following, courtesy of the March 2013 issue of bon appetit magazine, is definitely a "think outside the box" adult beverage, and one of three featured as part of  "The Primer - Home Mixology". 

Please click on the link below for photo & ingredients. A special thanks to Eamon Rockey, at Aska in Brooklyn (creator of The Swedish Tart), for the unique use of Kombucha tea.

For those unfamiliar with aquavit liquor, (I was), please see below link for explanation and history:;

and most importantly, for those not familiar with Kombucha tea (again, I wasn't until recently), please see link below featuring a video on how to make it. An active culture is necessary for the starter and may be purchased in advance or made from scratch; both can be saved for recurring use.

As always, please drink responsibly. Enjoy!